Zenith UHS 9W

The model with 9 moire projections bring  the unique advantage 3D measurement of components until 25mm height.

Zenith UHS New Edition

A model with 8 projections and an 8MPx camera. This model is very resistant to the shades of high components thanks to the number of projections.

Zenith 2

Second generation of worldwide and favourite AOI Zenith bring new platform (type P).


An 8 projections model. This number of projections allows the system to be very resistant to the shades from high components.

Zenith Alpha

5 projections system with fully 3D measurement up to 25mm.

Zenith Lite

The basic Koh Young model. This model represents high speed inspection in full 3D.

Pin checker

Pin checker is available in both in-line and off-line configurations. The device is avaible in configurations for pins in PCBs or as an EOLT device for pins in housing and connectors.

aSPIre 3

A high end SPI tester for the most demanding manufacturing processes and for the customers who do not make compromises.


High level of SPI tester with high speed and high variability predestined for exacting SMT production.


SPI tester for regular SMT manufacturing. A very popular model thanks to its great performance/value ratio.

Neptune T

The table version of 3D optical inspection of conformal coatings on PCB.

Neptune C

Inline automatic inspection of presence of conformal coating on PCBs including inspection of defects.

Neptune C+

High-end inline automatic 2D and 3D inspection of conformal coating on PCBs.

Meister S

Premium In-line 3D Inspection System for Micro Solder Paste Deposits.

Meister D/D+

True 3D Measurement for High Density Substrates, Shiny Components, and Highly Reflective Components.