Koh Young

aSPIre 3

A high end SPI tester for the most demanding manufacturing processes and for the customers who do not make compromises.

Category SPI
Our solution Inspection and production in SMT
Supplier Koh Young

Main features and benefits of the device

  • In-line /off-line configuration
  • Resolution 10/15um
  • 3D shadow free moire
  • 4 moire projections 8MPx or 12Mpx
  • High speed camera
  • Colour image processing on the basis of separed RGB
  •  3D control of Foreign material and Pollution  inspection (FMI) in all area of PCB or compensation of nonlinear shrinkage of PCB (pad referencing) as options
  • Available in M, L, XL, 2XL sizes and Dual Line version (except 2XL)
  • Connectivity within K-Smart system with others KY machine’s (SPI/AOI)
  • maximum dimension of PCB of each machine versions start from 330x330mm (M) up to 1500x690mm (2XL)

Are you interested in this product or want to find out more information?

Ing. Miloš Drlík

Key Account Manager

+420 727 872 614

Daniel Kotrba

Sales Engineer

+420 702 235 262

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