Koh Young

Zenith UHS New Edition

A model with 8 projections and an 8MPx camera. This model is very resistant to the shades of high components thanks to the number of projections and reaches high accuracy and repeatability of the 3D measurement. The use of the 8MPx camera makes the model even faster than the Zenith model. Using the 3D measurement on 100% of components ranks the model, as well as other Koh Young models, to the fastests 3D AOI in the world.

Category AOI
Our solution Inspection and production in SMT
Supplier Koh Young

Main features and benefits of the device

  • in-line / off-line configuration
  • resolution 10, 15 or 20um
  • 8 moire projections
  • 8MPx highspeed camera
  • continuous measurements of height until 5mm to 10mm with no impact on the resolution or accuracy
  • connectivity within K-Smart system with others KY machine’s (SPI/AOI)
  • available in M, L, XL, 2XL sizes and Dual Lane version (except 2XL)
  • maximum dimension of PCB of each machine versions start from 330x330mm (M) up to 1500x690mm (2XL)

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