Verifying the future



We offer 3D AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) by the world's leader Koh Young. The Koh Young AOI machines are unique with their 3D technology that allows the measurements of the full volumes down to the level of single voxels. This enables the inspection to be independent on the optical parameters of the controlled objects and sustains a high stability of the process without continuous need for debuging of the inspection parametres.

Nearly 4 000 sold systems worldwide in less than 7 years support the technological advantage.

The Zenith and Zenith 2 models excel by its unique speed, 4 to 9 moire projections, 4 - 12 MPx cameras and advanced options of connecting the databases and libraries. With the Koh Young machines your manufacturing process will be ready for the full implementation of Industry 4.0 principles thanks to the accuracy of the surface measurements and automatical identification.


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