Adaptable to an enormous range of applications, the ViProbe® has been a proven buckling beam technology for more than 25 years, valued for its superior contacting quality and unique ease of repair.

Suitable for contacting:

  • Pads, solder balls
  • Gold, palladium, copper, diverse
Category Semiconductor testing products
Our solution Semicon testing and inspection
Supplier Feinmetall

Specifications of the ViProbe® at a glance:


Min pitch of the DUT Down to 56 μm
Diameter of the contact element Down to 1.6 mil
Max active area Up to 80 mm x 80 mm
Capable temperature range From -55°C to 180°C
Current carrying capability at RT Up to 800 mA
Contact force at rec. OD From 2.6 cN to 10.8 cN


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Sales Engineer

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