FCT/ICT probes

FCT/ICT probes (also known as pogo pins) from Feinmetall are designed for testing in fixtures. As the probes are pressed they provide a contact to the DUT. The probes are available in many standardized combinations starting at 30 mil centers.

Category Contact probes
Our solution Electrical and functional testing, Vision and augmented reality
Supplier Feinmetall

Choose the correct version

The perfect contact is based on many variables. The success relies on the choice of correct tip style and spring force. We will gladly assist with the choice or help you find alternatives to probes of other manufacturers such as Ingun or PTR.

Progressive series

Series ready for the toughest contacting conditions. The combination of a sharp tip style, stronger spring and a special coating alloy is designed to overcome problems with dirt or flux.

The progressive series was tested in Honeywell or Continental.

Honeywell confirmed FPY from 85,06% to 93,14% and from 89,07% to 94,76% in two different projects.

Continental in Brandýs nad Labem observed a growth of FPY from aprx. 95% to aprx. 98-99%.

The progressive series finds many content users, contact us for samples!



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