The company CactuX s.r.o. was created from the Central European Institute of Technology of the University of Technology (VUT) in Brno in 2020. It was founded in order to streamline the transfer of research results to the industrial market.

Develops and manufactures accessories for industrial and laboratory X-ray computed tomography (CT) systems and offers CT expertise services

The company’s portfolio includes wireless mobile manipulators and their accessories, sample preparation sets, very precise and unique Phantoms, as well as the practical Toolkit for CT sample preparation.

We’ve shown CactuX at the Amper exhibition in Brno already.

Accessories for CT applications

Motorized translation stages

Motorized Translation Stage SaguaroX used for quick mounting and fine centring of the sample to fasten and automate your CT analysis.


CT fanotomes are tools for metrological characterization, calibration and data quality improvement of nano and micro CT systems.

Accessories for the preparation of CT samples

These simple additions solve the problems of placing samples in CT. They simplify and speed up the process of CT sample preparation.

Na co byste využili CactuX Vy? Dejte nám vědět.


Jiří Krejčí

Sales Engineer
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