CT fanotomes are tools for metrological characterization, calibration and data quality improvement of nano and micro CT systems. They help increase the reliability of measurement results and limit CT inaccuracies. The CactuX’s phantoms move the limits of high resolution CT on daily basis.


Category Accessories for CT applications
Our solution X-RAY inspection
Supplier CactuX


Phantom for measurements in nano CT. Enables quick and intuitive metrological voxel size calibration. For a more accurate interpretation of the results of your CT scan.

  • 0,06 µm calibration precision
  • Reduction of calibration time
  • <1 µm voxel size CT applications
  • Quick and easy use


A set of CT phantoms for calculating the spatial resolution and verifying the real properties of nano and micro CT systems.

  • 4 size options
  • < 1 µm to > 10 µm voxel size CT applications
  • Accordance to ASTM E1695-95 standard
  • Quick and easy use


Sample holder with fiducial marker for nanoCT and microCT measurements. It enables fast and intuitive correction of inaccuracies caused by rotation of the pedestal, and registration of CT data when using Dual-Energy CT or 4D CT.

  • 4 size options
  • Quick and easy use
  • < 1 pixel precision of data registration
  • Data quality and precision enhancement

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