An easy X-RAY device for counting of SMD components in reels or packages. Thanks to its global database it erases the need for difficult programming and offers a very simple operation. The results are very fast with 6-7 reels per minute.

Category X-RAY components counter
Our solution Inspection and production in SMT
Supplier VC Count

Main features and benefits of the device

  • Scan reels in moisture or ESD packaging
  • Coverage of small component types like 01005
  • Ergonomic touch-panel operation
  • Global online component database
  • Industry 4.0 solution for lean production
  • Fast Plug and Play setup in less than an hour
  • Compact footprint and easy handling
  • Integration of scanners and label printers
  • Open warehouse-system interface
  • Short Return of Investment (ROI)
  • Designed and produced in Germany
  • Trained first-line service worldwide
  • Many successful installations globally
  • Replaces old fashioned manual counters
  • Multilanguage available

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Martin Kubíček

Sales Engineer

+420 601 112 061

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