Christian Koenen

Sgueegees and accessories

The material and the execution of the squeegees must not be underestimated. CK have a huge impact on the quality of the print, the life time of the stencils, keeping the stencils clean and also for the correct behaviour of the solder paste release.

Category Stencils
Our solution Inspection and production in SMT
Supplier Christian Koenen


the Christian Koenen squeegees are always made from the same material as the stencils and the same surface treatments can be carried out on them (electro-polishing, plasma coating).

The stencils copy the type of of the stencils – standard, step and 3D squeegees.

Accessories and extras

  • Cleaning materials and wipes
  • Pneumatical support for print
  • Wipe-TeCK protection spray for better print quality in small production
  • Plastic spatulas for mixing of solder paste
  • Mini stencils for rework and for reballing of BGA housings (also for hand print)
  • Pass-part-out exchangeable stencils for prototype manufacturing
  • Transparent stencils for adjustment and maintenace of printing machines

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