Nordson MATRIX, an inline X-RAY manufacurer has awarded us as the best European distributor!

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Nordson MATRIX has never announced a distributor of the year specifically for Europe, it was a new situation. As this was the beginning of a tradition I had two choices: go with the best distributor of 2020 or give the award to the best distributor of the 5-year period in which I was in charge of Europe’s sales. I did the math for both scenarios and luckily the outcome was the same: IMT. A company that is highly proficient, very good at finding and qualifying leads, well known and represented all over their region, generating steady sales every year, even in a downturn. We did face politically difficult times due to structural changes in the past, and I couldn’t be more thankful that IMT did stick with MATRIX through thick and thin and MATRIX stood by IMT at all costs. We hope that this great cooperation continues also in 2021 and beyond.

István Latos, Sales Manager Europe Nordson X-RAY MATRIX Products