10 years of testing and inspection

Yxlon FF 85CT

The most powerful industrial CT from Yxlon offer for 2D and CT control of big and heavy parts. The device is standardly to be inserted in an X-RAY bunker or could be delivered with a cabinet. It allows to use two detectors and two tubes with maximum voltage up to 600k.

Category NDT X-RAYs
Our solution NDT
Supplier Comet YXLON

Main features and benefits of the device

  • Granite base for minimalization of thermal expansivity
  • Two X-RAY tubes 225-300kv or 450-600kV
  • The most modern 16bit Flat Panel and LDA detector
  • Flexible 7-axes manipulation system for moving with the sample, the tube and the detector
  • Max sample size Ø 1000 × H 2000 mm (could be more on request) and 400 kg.
  • All of the scanning trajectories (helix, dual helix and helix extend)
  • Possibility to scan with virtual axes of turning (Flexcentre) and a great deal of filters (BHC, MAR, Scatter Fix)

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