Inspekto S70

Inspekto S70 is a standardized device for optical inspection of various defects. It works on a basis of artificial intelligence algorithms that immensely speed up the process of setting of the inspection conditions. The device is looking for variations against the gold samples database and points them out.

Category Autonomous optical inspection
Our solution Inspection and production in SMT, X-RAY inspection
Supplier Inspekto

Main features and benefits of the device

  • Autonomous optical inspection device
  • Integrated AI algorithms for easy and fast inspection settings
  • The user does not need programming skills
  • NOK parts evaluated against the database of gold samples
  • The part does not need to be precisely fixed
  • Easy teaching, 20-30 good samples to start with
  • Great variabily of FOV, available also for bigger parts
  • Universal stand – possibility to deploy as a stand alone, inline or to a robot
  • Connectivity to PLC and MES

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Ing. Tomáš Janků

Sales Engineer
+420 702 253 075

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