Smart cameras

A complete vision system in one smart camera. Featuring our highest smart camera resolution yet.

Line scan cameras

Line scan cameras Linea and Piranha offer innovative mono and color performance at attractive prices.

Area scan cameras

CMOS, CLHS, USB3 cameras from VGA to 86MP. Exclusive TurboDrive technology for the highest frame rates in the industry.

3D sensor Z-Trak

Z-Trak is a series of 3D profile sensors delivering high-resolution, real-time height measurements using laser triangulation.

Vision systems

Teledyne vision systems are built to thrive in harsh industrial environments and feature compatibility with a wide range of cameras.

Vision software

Design flexibility and system versatility to suit diverse application needs across all industries.

Vision system lenses

Vision system lenses are critical components that determine image quality and performance.

Proper lighting stands

Proper lighting stands as a crucial element within machine vision tasks.

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Industrial automation

The completeness of our offer is crowned with the production of single purpose machines, robotic workstations and manufacturing lines.

Digital microscopes

The digital microscopes are enjoying a boom in the field of control, inspection and quality check thanks to their ergonomy and advanced possibilities...

Autonomous optical inspection

The next milestone in optical control is the use of AI algorithms that secure more stable and faster inspection and enable usage of more complicated...