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Tester DMT

Tester DMT

The DMT Tester is a modular testing system allowing fast measurements of electrical and also non-electrical parametres of products. The system enables basic ICT measurements with configurable equipment. It is designed as block building with the possibility of integration of various own or external instruments. The tester is controled by our own software SCADUS.


The tester is also suitable for integration into test and assembly lines with a connection to user database and linking with quality management systems. It has a possibility of graphic presentation of results. Another possibility is to modify the parameters of the measured PCB during the test run on the basis of the measured values.

We offer

  • mechanical, electrical and optical testing, camera tests
  • software SCADUS 
  • easy extentions, wide range of instruments, traceability support
  • FCT and ICT tests
  • integration of 1D and 2D scanners, selftest of instruments, DMM with calibration possibilities
  • integration to a customers' database
  • galvanic separation of the control and the measuring unit
  • integration to test and assembly lines

Full individual solutions

Test configuration, aplication, fixture, service.

External instruments examples:

  • DAQ modules
  • programmable power sources
  • communication – LIN, CAN, I2C, SPI, UART atd.
  • osciloscopes
  • cameras and AOI systems
  • optical analyses
  • etc...
Václav Urban
Sales Engineer
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