EviXmatic 2.0

EviXmatic is an automated five-axis 3D scanning system that enables measuring and quality inspection of objects with minimal operator’s involvement. Dedicated” Automation” module built into the scanner software eviXscan 3D Suite allows to connect the device with the scanner in an easy way.

Category 3D scanners
Our solution NDT
Supplier EviXscan 3D

Scaning parameters

  • Scanning accuracy upto 0,009 mm
  • Scanning range: on the raotary table: 360° horizontal rotation: 1 200 mm

EviXmatic enables to create user-defined scanning scenarios for every object to be scanned with the device. Such scanning scenarios can be composed of several individual scan steps, each of them defines the scanner position with respect to the scanned object and specific scanning parameters to be applied in a given scanning position. After acquiring all the scans in the scenario, the system software performs an automatic merging of the scans and generates the STL file. When combined with Geomagic Control X Automation server, the system can create – in a fully automated way – a pre-defined qualitycontrol report for the scanned object.

Options and accessories

  • Blue filters
  • Toolkit box
  • Software Geomagic Control X

For full detail of an accessories visit this page


Software provides the user with extensive and friendly tools for scanning and processing meshes. Thanks to the transparent operation, the user will easily go through all stages of 3D scanning, from the basic configuration to the final processing of the triangle mesh, which significantly improves the productivity of working with the eviXscan 3D scanners.

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