Accessories for 3D scanners

Professional accessories for even better 3D scanning effects. Improve the scanning proccess and speed up the work.

Category 3D scanners
Our solution NDT
Supplier EviXscan 3D

Blue filters

The ability to 3D scan in challenging lighting conditions without special preparation (ambient indoor light, outdoor sunlight, or a brightly lit lab) does not present a problem. The combination of structured blue light and high filtration filters (95%) almost completely compensates for any effects of external lighting conditions.

Toolkit box

EviXscan 3D Toolkit Box is a photogrametry system. The short range makes it easier to scan large objects or objects with complex shapes. The system consists of pre-calibrated reference 3D elements called artifact and coded markers.

Rotary table

The rotary table is the ideal tool for automating the 3D scanning process. The object being scanned is placed on the table which is controlled by the eviXscan software to capture the model from all sides. The rotary table greatly reduces the scan time for objects.

Column stand

The column stand is characterized by high quality, solid joints and clamps and high stability. The column stand is equipped with a horizontal arm with a counterweight, which can be moved freely.


Facilitates precise scanning from low positions or above the lens. A very important feature is the mechanism of 90° setting of the middle column. You can change the column setting in one move without having to remove the column and disassemble the head and scanner.

Standard set

The standard set consists of a 20 kg table, markers, toolkit box and tripod. The whole set is placed in a handy transport box. Available when purchasing a scanner.

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